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Founded, produced, and written by yours truly, The Apocalyst is designed to be a daily source for news that matters.

I rigorously scan multiple outlets for global news items which either are, or have the potential to become, catastrophic events. I pursue facts from variety of sources, applying informed speculation at the end of each post, in a passionate effort to make this site your trusted, one-stop source for tracking the truly important stories.

In addition to this focus I will be covering additional stories, those which provide evidence that maybe - just maybe - we have long passed a point of no return. These will primarily focus on human-related activities, those which make one wonder if the species homo sapiens has not already gone completely mad, taking the world with it.

What this page is NOT is a 'breaking news' site. Being that I am a one-man operation (and intend to stay that way, at least for the foreseeable future), attempting to become a place where you can find up-to-the-minute news updates would be an exercise in futility. Besides, there are already too many places like that on the web; since that is a need being filled by others, there is no reason for me to try to be that here.

What I can assure you, however, is that the stories you find here will be timely, they will be factually based, they will use speculative reason to to make you think, and they will be compact. I will thoroughly flesh out every subject, reading between the lines while picking it apart from all angles. I do this so that I can provide both practical and historical context for each post, always in a clean, concise format.

In this, my goal is to establish a trusted site which gives you the straight story, no matter where that story may travel.

Thank you - Tony

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