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Sunday, January 24, 2016

'Snowzilla' fallout tallied as storm abates

Massive snowstorm causes death, destruction in eastern United States

EVENT SUMMARY: A massive snowstorm, nicknamed 'Snowzilla' (after the famous motion picture monster) hammered the eastern portion of the United States [US] over the weekend, recording 14 states with areas having at least two feet of accumulation.

RESULTS: As of 7:00 AM EST there are estimates from 16-19 deaths, and 80,000 without power. Parts of West Virginia saw over 40 inches of accumulation, while the Jersey shore dealt with a triple-whammy of heavy snow, blistering winds and flood waters reaching 8 feet, due to Atlantic surges with waves up to 25 feet high.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Snow totals in the major metropolitan areas of New York City [25.8"], Philadelphia [22.4"] and Washington DC [17.8"] shut the cities down, with only essential services being open for business. 11,000 flights thus far have been cancelled, crippling air travel across the nation. There were also multiple reports of buildings and roofs collapsing.

SPECULATION SUGGESTS: While this was an impressive display of nature, it does not qualify as a unique event (except for those who have had to endure it); it was not a record snowfall for most areas affected, and - let's be honest - heavy snowstorms on the east-coast in January are hardly special.

With that noted, this certainly accentuates the value of preparing in advance for these kind of situations, so that you are not scouring empty grocery shelves for essential items right before an event occurs.

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