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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Militia group seizes unoccupied building

Protests in sentence extension escalate; militia groups disagree with each other over tactics

A self-styled militia group headed by Ammon Bundy took over a...

You know, let's just cut to the chase. The reason it has taken so long for me to write about this is because of the near-impossibility to get actual facts. The media across the board has so perverted what is really happening there, in the name of narrative, that writing a cogent, accurate piece is impossible at this point. Perhaps I will revisit this, at some point in the future, once the facts shake out, but until then I will not base my reputation on shoddy sources.

The 'Social Justice Warriors' and 'Black Lives Matter' collectives have further exacerbated this process, by attempting to dictate how the story should be reported. Since the Federal Media is terrified of upsetting these groups the reports we are getting are anything but reliable; add to that the fact that most in said-media fundamentally oppose anything which resembles Liberty, and you get bias on a large scale.

In point of fact, when it comes to this event it is not about the Bundys. It is not even about the Hammonds, the ranching family targeted by Federal Authority in this matter. It's about this...

We can quibble over this militia's tactics, or their choice of targets; many established militia groups have voiced those disagreements, seeing the Bundys as attention-seekers just looking to pick a fight. While potentially true, after watching this video one thing is clear for anyone who believes in the Constitution in particular, or Liberty in general: This group is on the right side.

Everything beyond that is minutiae.

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