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Saturday, January 2, 2016

As Humanity Descends

A special poetic presentation, in the spirit - and within the mission - of The Apocalyst

Take my hand sweet baby -
eradicate the ‘save me’...
know with everything you love
we’re coming to the end.
Don’t stress about the days to come -
we’ve almost counted down to none,
curl... up... with me
as humanity descends.

Apocalypse is in the air -
people bouncing everywhere...
the vital and the vapid
counting virtues and their sins.
We’ve waited for this day so long
so let us sing our joyous song,
they... shall... reap it
as humanity descends.

Chaos is in overdrive -
no one’s sure if they’re alive...
watch as all the people go
stark-crazy in their skins.
Faces filled with terror -
but they are not our mirror,
stay... calm... tranquil
as humanity descends.

Laughing at their panic -
these Masters going manic...
awakened self-awareness
like we’ll never see again.
They’re learning their pretension
will not provide redemption,
Let... us... revel
as humanity descends.

Feel that crackle from the sky -
forget about the how and why...
let those currents take us
to a place of peace within.
Knowing all we all have left
is one collective final breath,
Hold... me... finally
as humanity descends.

Original Copyright © 2016 Stone Sovryn. All Rights Reserved.
Written September 2014

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