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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Floods in Indian city continue; hundreds dead

Authority, criticized for inept response, promises relief soon; much of city remains under water

The city of Chennai, India, which has been dealing with heavy rains and flooding for over a month, is finally getting a break from the torrential downpours. At least 280 individuals have perished in the latest round of rains, with many thousands either displaced or missing.

Authority in the city of over six million is stepping up relief efforts, though criticisms of the sluggish response have been growing. With over half the coastal city still submerged fears of water-borne diseases are rising, while others are expressing concerns that any additional rain could turn a major crisis into an unbearable catastrophe.
While many of airport runways and major streets remain under water, some communications have been reestablished. Due to being a global hub for IT operations and other tech-based enterprises Chennai's economy is dependent on the latter, thus the area's long-term recovery is directly tied to addressing said outages as quickly as possible.

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