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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Texas Secession Movement Gaining Steam

Voices with independence sentiments, though still in the minority, are growing in the Lone Star State.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, a group which advocates for independence from the United States, has been on tour recently. Visiting 31 cities during one August weekend, the organization was gathering signatures to petition for a secession ballot measure to be added for the spring elections.

Texas is one of two states within the United States which was once internationally recognized as a separate country, the other being Hawaii. With its current economy and military potential allowing it to be a viable standalone nation by today's standards, the notion of Texas independence is not an impossible one.

Of course, the logistics are far different. It is unlikely that Authority in DC would welcome any form of secession, especially from a state as profitable to the Union as Texas. While It has been skittish about using force with enemies foreign, US Authority has proven Itself to be most enthusiastic about fighting what It perceives to be enemies domestic, further muddying the waters.

It is interesting to note that the legality of secession was never decided, at least not in the courts of law. It was established on the battlefield, and while that may have stood as a standard in days past the new climate of self-determination (the breakup of the Soviet Union, the recent vote in Scotland, as examples) nullifies that somewhat.

The pro-independence sentiment is certainly there; the reaction to the Jade Helm 15 exercises proves that beyond a doubt. Passing a ballot measure would not be enough, however; the politicians in Austin would have to have the political will to carry it out, which with the current crop is unlikely... though indeed, stranger things have happened.

Whatever the outcome, in a nation where the political class is increasingly viewed as anti-Liberty the idea of a truly free country has its appeal. While I'm not suggesting a mass migration to the Lone Star State - at least not yet - it can't hurt, as a 'just in case,' to do a little research on climate, culture and cost-of-living.

If one were a Liberty-loving individual, and choose to engage said-research, it should be considered BEFORE Texas makes its move. If they are successful they may decide Texas is only for existing Texas residents and choose to close their borders in response - ALL of their borders.

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