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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mass bee die-off has officials scrambling for answers

Thousands of bees found dead along Oregon roadside; multiple theories as to the cause, yet still no concrete answers.

Agriculture officials in the state of Oregon are investigating the deaths of thousands of honey bees near a highway in the residential community of Sherwood, just southwest of Portland; discovered over the weekend, the carcasses were scattered along several yards of the roadside, puzzling investigators as to the cause of the event.

While research is still ongoing. competing explanations have already emerged, with either unauthorized hives in the area or the highway traffic where the bees were discovered being considered the most likely culprits; both are still speculative at this juncture, with the normal go-to narrative of 'pesticides' and the seldom-considered possibility of 'Earth-changes' having been ruled out, though discarding the latter without consideration has not - nor is ever - justified by scientists.

Over 10 million hives (representing approximately 300 billion bees) have mysteriously died-off in recent years, which has caused alarm amongst researchers due to the critical role they play in global food production; while in no way at risk of extinction, a depleted population of commercial bees could have cataclysmic effects on feeding our seven-plus billion people, thus die-offs which cannot be explained are a grave concern.

Everything from the aforementioned pesticides to disease, parasites, genetically-modified crops, and inclement weather has been blamed for these events, with a solid consensus amongst scientists seldom being reached; without that consensus, tackling and solving this escalating issue appears remote at best... and impossible at worst.

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