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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mass blackbird die-off in rural township

Nearly 100 blackbirds were found dead along a Nokesville, Virginia [US] intersection on Thursday of this week, local health officials are reporting.

Animal control officers assert there is no threat to the public, while admitting they have yet to ascertain what caused this latest die-off; a handful of the deceased birds are being tested, in hope of acquiring an explanation.

Researchers were quick to state that while such situations are unusual they are not uncommon, especially with the various species of blackbirds.

They point the finger at nesting patterns and weather as the most common denominators, though critics note that these 'not uncommon' incidents seemed to have been quite uncommon no more than a few years ago.

A rural community of under 1,400 citizens, Nokesville serves as the hub for local farming concerns, while also being noted for its outdoor activities.

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