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Friday, December 6, 2013

Mandela death sparks fears of Uhuru

As most of the planet mourned the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela yesterday, minority whites are bracing for an expansion of the genocidal violence believed to already be occurring in the dilapidated nation. 2011 census figures place 'Black Africans' at 79.2% of the populace, with 'Whites' making up 8.9%, an overwhelming and - as many South African whites assert - under-protected minority.

Stories of Caucasian-targeted violence - referred to as 'Uhuru' - have been rampant over the last few years, yet remain under-reported by a global media which fawns over the nation once subject to apartheid. These news organizations fail to note that this barbaric practice was abolished almost a quarter-century passed, with the African National Congress [ANC] being in power nearly 20 of those years.

"Uhuru" (which - ironically - translates to 'freedom') is, according to reports, a project secretly fostered by the Mandela-supported ANC in which whites are systematically eradicated from South Africa; per the information available, Uhuru is to begin in earnest upon the passing of Mandela. Many consider the project a wild conspiracy theory, despite public proclamations of 'kill the Boers' and other genocidal statements being not only commonplace but fully tolerated by the ruling Authority.

Others are also quick to claim that the project is already being carried out, with Caucasian farmers being subject to murder, rape, and property destruction at the hands of black individuals oft-claiming the mantle of Uhuru. The statistics are incomplete due to alleged ANC cover-ups, but estimates place the number of whites murdered alone in the low thousands, with the number of non-deadly violent occurrences being much higher.

Excessive gun-licensing requirements often keep firearms out of the hands of low-to-middle income whites, leaving them defenseless against the Uhuru gangs. While accurate reports are difficult to acquire, prosecutions related to violence against Caucasians appear to be nearly non-existent, which adds fuel to the accusations that the ANC covertly supports these acts.

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