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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday turns dark for many shoppers

Despite efforts by retailers to curtail customers shooting amateur video, reports of Black Friday violence are being filed from across the United States [US], via websites such as YouTube. These images have included fights breaking out (involving both men and women), with scenes of mob-like hysteria being prevalent; a majority of these incidents occurred over discounted flat-screen televisions.

Here is one report, taken at an undisclosed Wal-Mart.

Many are denouncing the various displays of unbridled avarice, citing the events as proof of a crass inhumanity now deeply rooted in western culture in general, and the US in particular. A scuffle in Elkin, North Carolina causes this writer to note that if the citizens of Ancient Rome had possessed camera phones, their videos would have undoubtedly resembled what has been shot today.

Other episodes have been reported through legal channels, with varying agrees of severity. A shooting incident in a Kohl's parking lot is thus far the most extreme example; since it occurred in a Chicago suburb, however, most are assuming it is associated with the violence commonplace for that metropolitan area, unrelated to the frenzy of Black Friday.

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