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Friday, October 4, 2013

Couple accused of filming acts of bestiality

A married couple in Raeford, North Carolina stands accused of making 'dog porn,' and posting the explicit videos on the Internet. According to the allegations the wife, Amber Nicole Fox, engaged in sexual acts with dogs owned by the couple while the husband, Army Spc. Ruben Fox, filmed the activities. The Humane Society, an animal advocacy group, tipped off local authorities to the situation, and after an extensive investigation both were arrested and charged.

Police photos of Amber and Ruben Fox
Police have been vague about the particulars, only alleging that all manner of depravity was engaged with the animals by Ms. Fox. Both she and her husband are facing the charges of obscenity, conspiracy and bestiality; Ms. Fox alone is charged with soliciting a crime against nature, since she was the one engaging in the lewd acts.

Reported cases of bestiality (and, to lesser degree, zoophilia) have risen in recent years, due in part to people producing video recordings of their actions, making it easier for police to discover evidence that crimes have been committed. Beyond that, experts suggest the growing laissez faire attitudes toward sexual behavior, combined with unlimited Internet access, has made the practice more 'acceptable' in some people's minds; a few of these experts go so far to suggest that the fantasy of bestiality, if not the act itself, is perfectly normal behavior.

Others are quick to note, however, that stories such as this prove that the morality of western culture is collapsing at an alarming pace, a pace they fear we will not be able to stem. They postulate that even the notion of learned 'experts' attempting to attach normalcy to fantasizing about such actions is in of itself a depravity, which serves to bolster their position further. A few suggest that, taken as a whole, if a dangerous shift in life-as-we-know-it has not already occurred, it shall soon.

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