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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New data raises concerns over ice sheets

Scientists studying declassified maps of the glaciers in Antarctica have discovered the ice-sheet covering the frozen continent advances and recedes to the same degree as the average global temperature fluctuates. Once thought to be nearly impervious to climate shifts, the new data demonstrates these mile-deep ice shelves are subject to rapid changes of mass, changes which appear to be synchronized with time periods of warming and cooling. 

This research is causing alarm amongst climatologists, for the combination of ice-thickness and sub-zero temperatures had lead them to conclude Antarctica's ice shelves were stable. Discovering otherwise will dramatically alter their forecast models, accelerating the rapidity of global catastrophe should a warming spree resume.

While there is much debate (even within the scientific community) over what is causing our current round of climate change, there is little doubt that it is occurring. Whether it be at the hands of man or at the behest of nature, if we were to experience an extended global warming trend the amount of fresh-water melt-off, this study asserts, could devastate coastal regions worldwide.

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