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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fukushima poisoning the Pacific

Japanese Prime Minster Shinto Abe has directed his government to investigate all possible means of placing a halt on radioactive groundwater spreading from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The facility, which was heavily damaged during the earthquake (and subsequent tsunami) of March 2011, is still poisoning the Pacific Ocean via the runoff, per reports. Japanese scientists are considering all options, including 'freezing' the affected water, which many believe will stymie its advance.

Nuclear watchdog groups have been warning about the damage the plant could be causing to the Pacific Ocean since the accident occurred, but Tokyo Power and Light Company (TEPCO) has resisted admitting to any potential crisis. That ended two weeks ago, when the beleaguered company conceded that what the watchdogs had feared was actually transpiring.

While Authority remains hesitant about labeling this a global situation, critics assert that irreversible damage has already been done, and shall continue to occur. They cite independent reports of radioactivity as far away as the U.S./Canadian west coasts, especially in evidence discovered via the fishing industry in the region. Officialdom (representing both government and corporate fishing interests) is not confirming such reports, however, fueling accusations of cover-ups from one side and conspiracy-mongering by the other.

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