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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Floods wreck havoc on the Philippines

For the second time in as many years relentless rains have hammered the Philippines over the last three days. 78 municipalities have been adversely affected, with over 60% of metropolitan Manila being under water yesterday; that region alone has over 12 million citizens.

All forms of modern travel have come to a standstill throughout the northern part of the nation, due to roads, bridges, and runways being washed out. Several swelled reservoirs are also at critical points, including Manila's La Mesa Reservoir, which is already overflowing.

The crisis arose from an intense monsoon season combining with the ill-timed arrival of Tropical Storm Trami. Beginning on Monday the downpours almost immediately trapped hundreds of people in their homes, although many more were able to escape before the worst of the torrents took place.

While it was still raining on Wednesday the intensity of the showers have diminished considerably, and officials are hopeful that rescue/recovery efforts can begin quickly. Thus far eight people have been confirmed dead, with over 280,000 displaced from their homes.

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